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What is Cloud Computing Security? and Why it?s Important

Many companies have switched to cloud computing in the last decade. Storing data on the cloud can have lots of advantages to storing data on a hard-drive or a local server. It gives you the freedom to access data from any device and any location. Multiple people may be able to access the same document at the same time, allowing collaborative work.

On top of this, the cloud is much more secure than storing data locally. Whether you?re using it as a form of backup or the primary source of file storage, cloud computing can often make it harder for hackers to penetrate.??

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This leads to the question: what is cloud computing security? And why is it important? The following guide aims to answer these questions.

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What is Cloud Security?

Cloud computing security (or cloud security) involves implementing security measures to protect any data that you have stored on the cloud.

Using the cloud itself is an excellent way of keeping files secure. When you store data on the cloud, you?re storing it on a remote server that is protected with the most up-to-date security measures, including complex layers of encryption. It?s the data equivalent of keeping your money in a bank as opposed to keeping it all at home in a safe.

Your cloud files can, however, still be penetrated, which is why extra layers of security can be beneficial.

Why is Cloud Security Important?

Storing data on the cloud will make it harder for hackers to gain entry to this data, but with extra layers of security, you can make it increasingly more difficult for cybercriminals to access your data.

This security is vital if you have sensitive information, which includes everything from private details of clients to your own private information.

On top of this, with ransomware on the rise, cloud security can prevent your data from being taken ?hostage.? Unless you can pay a ransom, a cybercriminal may permanently encrypt, delete or leak your files, potentially destroying your business.

Below are just some of the personal benefits of using cloud security services.

Centralized security

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Using the cloud can allow you to store information in one centralized place rather than having files spread out on various machines and local servers. It?s essential to centralize your security to keep things streamlined. If you?re using multiple devices on multiple networks to access the cloud, you want to be sure that all of these devices and networks are secure. A reputable cloud security service can allow you to manage all of this from one convenient centralized platform.

Reduced Costs

For many companies, cloud security can reduce costs. It can reduce the need to splash out on dedicated hardware to protect data. The costs of hiring in-house security staff may also be reduced. Extra security can seem like an added expense for many businesses, but in fact, you could find yourself saving money by embracing cloud security.

Reduced Administration

Another potential benefit of cloud security is reduced administration. When you embrace cloud security with the help of a reputable cloud provider, all your security needs are managed for you. This means less time spent on monitoring networks and updating software.?


Cloud security is also one of the most reliable forms of cybersecurity. When using a trusted cloud provider, you?ll have security experts on hand to monitor and prevent any breaches. You also don?t have to worry about data being lost because of faulty hardware.

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Guard Against Security Breach

By outsourcing reliable cloud security services, you can put in measures to reduce the risk of a security breach. While storing files on the cloud has security benefits, a hacker may still be able to get into your cloud account if your password or network isn?t secure enough. Cloud security services will be able to help you guard against these risks.

Manage Remote Work

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Many companies are now allowing employees to work remotely. This comes with its own risks ? if an employee?s network is not secure, they could be inviting cybercriminals to attempt a breach. Using a reputable cloud service, you can manage remote work and ensure that there are no security weaknesses.

Disaster Recovery

One of the most sought after cloud security services right now is disaster recovery. If one day, you are a victim of ransomware, how will you recover your data? Using a reputable cloud computing security service, you can act quickly in the event of a ransomware attack and protect your company?s data. Keep in mind that cyberattacks are capable of destroying businesses, so having a disaster recovery strategy in place could be essential for keeping your business alive.

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How Can We Help

At Cyber Security Resource, we can offer all the security support and training that you need when it comes to cloud computing security. Our services range from penetration testing to security training. We can customize our services to meet your needs, identify any unique risks that your business may face, and help you find the best solution.


We hope that our guide has helped explain the benefits of cloud computing security and why you should start taking measures. If you rely on cloud computing, don?t leave yourself exposed to the threat of cybercrime by neglecting security.?

Reach out to us today, and we will help keep your business digitally secure. You can contact us by filling out the form or by calling us at (858) 367-9316.

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