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Vulnerability Assessment vs. Penetration Testing: What’s the Difference?

Hackers have over 7.9 billion consumer records this year, with experts predicting that the end of the year will expose over 8.5 billion accounts, and based on Risk Based Security, 5,000 data hacks have occurred this year.

With that in mind, businesses need to have vulnerability assessment or penetration testing to protect their data and files. Fortunately, Cyber Security Resources has an expert team and technology to protect businesses from hackers.

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If you are curious about whether a vulnerability assessment or penetration test is right for you, here are some tips to get you started on the right foot.

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What is Vulnerability Assessment??

A vulnerability assessment is a computer system test that can identify and classify potential issues and weaknesses that can pose risks to your business. Applications and programs are scanned to ensure that there are no holes or mishaps that could open up security errors or other problems that could lead to catastrophic failings, and the most critical issues are always placed at the top of the pile to grab your attention first.?

Vulnerability testing can be useful in many different scenarios when you can understand and utilize the various features of the process, and it should not be difficult to begin your tests to start identifying critical weaknesses in your system before it?s too late.?

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What is Penetration Testing?

Penetration testing is another way for you to seek out issues or weaknesses inside your systems because an authorized cyber attack can easily help you to uncover which areas might need a little more work and attention. Having a professional hacker try to break through your systems to gain access to your data will show you exactly how any other unauthorized users may gain access, so you can then take the appropriate steps towards patching and fixing these issues to create a secure and robust system.?

Vulnerability Assessment vs. Penetration Testing

So, which one of these is the best choice for you? Both vulnerability assessments and penetration testing can meet your needs no matter what industry you operate in, but of course, one pathway might offer more benefits for specific scenarios.

Identifying the ideal test for your business will help keep your data as safe as possible, so be sure to think this through before making a quick decision on which avenue you?d like to explore.?

A vulnerability assessment can be beneficial in many ways, as you can give your attention to the most important issues to patch up any big holes before viruses and hackers can infiltrate it.?

The depth of the scanning and testing is extremely detailed, as all applications and programs are thoroughly checked over to uncover any weaknesses or gaps. Having a list of these errors that are placed in order of their importance can help you to prioritize your tasks, so you can face up to the big issues before trying to finish the smaller mishaps.

?On the other hand, penetration testing can be of real benefit for those of you who regularly utilize the internet and services, as this is the initial source of all hackers and viruses, and allowing an authorized user to attempt to gain access will show you how others may get inside your system too.?

Being able to track how a hacker managed to reach your personal information or customer data can help you to patch up the hole and make your system as safe and waterproof? as possible. The main difference between each of these security tests is automationvulnerability assessments run on their own in the background and can be performed at any time, on a very regular basis.

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Penetration testing vs. vulnerability assessment at a glance

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Alternatively, penetration testing must be carried out by an individual with all of the right skills and knowledge for the task at hand, so you cannot repeat these tests on a very regular basis, yet the depth is often very thorough and detailed. Making your mind up between these two options will depend upon the kind of business that you run as well as the number of security threats and issues that you generally face.?

Keep in mind that a small business that doesn?t operate internationally is going to benefit from simple regular vulnerability assessments. Whereas a multinational corporation with thousands of customers will most likely want to utilize both kinds of tests to ensure that any issue, no matter how small or large, can be dealt with in a fast and productive manner.?

Attempting to use both methods may help you to uncover which choice is best for you, but of course, this can take time and attention, which you might not be able to afford at this moment in time.?

Providing your own technical and IT support is a task that many businesses simply cannot afford to do. It takes specialist employees with specific computer base backgrounds to provide you with the knowledge and skills that you need to keep your company safe, as well as extra time and effort to dedicate a team to tracking and tracing any safety issues that you experience.?

The Choice of Vendor

Your lack of experience may even add to the lack of security and safety that your business has, so rather than wasting your own time and money it?s a far better idea to invest in professional services with a specialized team to carry out your testing and assessment which can ensure that all bases are covered.?

Cyber Security Resource can offer the perfect service for all of your system safety needs, as they have years of industry experience thanks to a top team of skilled individuals that can take your business out of harm’s way.?

Finding a respectable service provider such as CSR can change the security of your system dramatically, as their top standards cover all bases and can provide you with the ultimate peace of mind knowing that regular assessments and testing is being carried out to identify hackers and other weaknesses that might affect your success. Don?t waste your time attempting to tackle your testing when you could so easily seek out support this way, as you will soon see why so many happy customers utilize the professional services that are offered by CSR today.?

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Keeping up with the constant advancements and evolution of technology may seem somewhat impossible, but with the help of a respected cybersecurity group, you can make sure that all of the right tests and assessments are done to keep your company, employees, and customers out of harm’s way!?

Deciding between penetration testing and vulnerability assessments does not have to be a difficult task, so make the right choice for your business and research the weaknesses and risks that could threaten your prosperity, and implement the perfect steps to combat these potential issues.?

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