Introduction to Hacking: Learn the Basics of Kali Linux and Hacking

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Author: Ramon Nastase

ISBN: 1980914648

Number Of Pages: 44

Publisher: Independently published

Release Date: 2018-04-22



Hacking and Security for anyone to understand!

This is a book that will teach you how hackers think. By reading it, you will not only discover why they are attacking our computers, but also how they are doing it. You will also be able to understand how they can scan your system and gain access to your computer.


It's important to know how hackers operate if you want to protect your computer from their attacks. Structured in 3 chapters, this book will teach you:


  • How a hacker thinks
  • The 5 step process of Hacking
  • How to install and use Kali Linux
  • How scanning of devices in a network works
  • What are Cyber Attacks and
  • How to generate (DoS, MITM) them from Kali Linux

Cyber Security is a subject made to the understanding of everyone with the help of this book.

Buy it NOWand find out how you can protect your computer from all the hacker's attacks!

Tags: Hacking, Kali Linux, Hacking with Kali Linux, Security, Cyber Security, Computer Security, Hacker, Hack

EAN: 9781980914648