Strengthen Your Endpoint Security

Traditional endpoint security solutions are failing and Antivirus software alone no longer provide an adequate baseline for defense. Technologies designed to stop malware-based threats are frequently bypassed by attackers, leaving organizations vulnerable despite their investment.


Cyber Security Resource resolves this by utilizing next-generation endpoint security solutions which stop both malware and non-malware attacks. Cyber Security Resource offers the capability needed to manage and monitor the activity generated by these tools 24x7x365. Cyber Security Resource has the security expertise required to understand and respond to events that constitute a threat.


Endpoint Managed Detection & Response (EMDR) provides a comprehensive service that defends against, detects, and facilitates response to the most advanced malware and non-malware threats. EMDR watches for threats in real-time, with visibility across all system and user activities to offer actionable intelligence with root-cause analysis to address the identified threats.

What is Endpoint Managed Detection and Response

Endpoint Managed Detection and Response (EMDR) gives our customers outsourced cybersecurity operations 24 hours a day, every day of the year. The service is delivered by combining industry-leading Bitdefender security technologies trusted by organizations and security vendors around the world. Our EMDR services combine cybersecurity for endpoints, plus network and security analytics, with the threat-hunting expertise of a SOC fully staffed by security analysts from global intelligence agencies.

How does EMDR Security work?

Do you spend more time managing alerts or containing threats? You’re making significant investments in prevention technologies, but your adversaries are better funded. You’ve built a great team, but they’re overwhelmed by alert noise – leaving no time to proactively hunt for threats.


You’re doing all the right things but as hard as you try, your days are filled with fire drills, checklists and alert fatigue. And you still don’t know your true security posture. It’s not sustainable. It’s time to look at Cyber Security Resource Endpoint Managed Detection and Response (EMDR). To confidently reduce business risk, you need to increase visibility across your organization and increase security effectiveness.


EMDR builds upon your existing technology investments to provide situational awareness, adaptive detections and in-depth investigation to help you quickly assess risk. Our full spectrum of response options ensure you quickly contain threats to minimize potential impact, then eliminate the root cause to help deter recurring attacks.