Cyber Security Risk Assessment

Understanding the scope of the organizations key infrastructure that should be assessed for its enterprise risk assessment is the first step to performing an IT security risk assessment. The process of performing a cyber security risk assessment can be quite complex and should take into account secondary and other effects of action (or inaction) when deciding how to address security for the various IT resources. Each organizations operations are different, so the decision as to what kind of risk assessment should be performed depends largely on the specific organization.


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A comprehensive cyber security risk assessment should be conducted every year to identify the risks associated with the organization’s information systems, and is often required by regulations such as HIPAA. The Cyber Security Resource assessment methodology allows for executive reporting outputs and actionable next steps that ensures you find the business partner you are after. Creating an actionable guide with defined implementation specifications for mitigating your known risks is a key element you should be expecting when consulting with any outsourced assessor.