Cyber Security Risk Assessment

Understanding the scope of the organizations key infrastructure that should be assessed for its risk profile is the first step to conducting a cyber security risk assessment. The process of performing a cyber security risk assessment can be quite complex and should take into account secondary and other effects of action (or inaction) when deciding how to address security for the various IT resources. Each organizations operations are different, so the decision as to what kind of risk assessment should be performed depends largely on the specific organization.


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A comprehensive cyber security risk assessment should be conducted every year to identify the risks associated with the organization’s information systems, and is often required by regulations such as HIPAA. The Cyber Security Resource assessment methodology allows for executive reporting outputs and actionable next steps that ensures you find the business partner you are after. Creating an actionable guide with defined implementation specifications for mitigating your known risks is a key element you should be expecting when consulting with any outsourced assessor.

Compliance Gap Assessment

Figure out if you are meeting your compliance requirements, a gap assessment takes a compliance based approach (HIPAA – PCI) to highlight the organizations compliance requirements and the gaps within its current operational workflows.

IT Security Risk Assessment

Perform an annual security risk analysis to meet the requirements of Meaningful Use or PCI. Understand how the organization meets compliance requirements, as well as the current risk posture identifying threat factors and known vulnerabilities.

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Why We’re Different

Our clients vary based on their size and the IT Security experience they have on their staff, because of this we have found there to be 2 main formats where we can best serve our clients.


Do It With Us: In this method we will conduct a cyber security gap assessment based on the organizations goals such as HIPAA, PCI – highlighting compliance gaps needing remediation and providing implementation requirements to meet best practice or to obtain a security certification.


Do It For Us: This method we will again conduct a cyber security risk assessment based on the organizations needs such as HIPAA or PCI, completing a full security risk analysis based on security impacts and likelihoods of known threats and vulnerabilities. The Cyber Security Resource will highlight compliance gaps needing remediation and providing implementation requirements to meet best practices within a formal security risk assessment report.

Add On Compliance Assessment – Conduct annual incident response exercise, or conduct in depth process reviews into specific programs such as Third Party Risk Management, or Incident Response.

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Risk Assessment Overview

Cyber Security Resource is a trusted security adviser throughout the IT and technology industry for conducting a NIST risk assessment as well as aligning to other frameworks. We’ve helped hundreds of organizations navigate their IT security risks and meet requirements for HIPAA, PCI, HITRUST, ISO and protect against devastating data breaches.


Many businesses are required to conduct a NIST risk assessment or update an IT security risk analysis on a regular and ongoing basis or at least annually. This means identifying risks and vulnerabilities that could endanger or expose critical organizational data. Then, implement policies, procedures, and other security controls in order to prevent violations, and reduce vulnerabilities to an appropriate level.


We provide expert guidance and world-class security teams on all cyber security policy, procedure, and technical NIST security assessments. Every engagement is specifically tailored to provide the absolute highest ROI, an accelerate remediation process, and lower security risk.


This cyber security assessment focuses on several key areas of your information technology environment, including:

    • Ensuring your policies and procedures are appropriately documented and implemented.
    • Ensuring you are ready for security incidents and disasters.
    • Ensuring your critical data is secure, with appropriate access rights and management.
    • Ensuring you have effective risk management processes to make risk based decisions.
    • Ensuring your network is secure and network connections are well managed.
    • Ensuring you are prepared for migration to SaaS and cloud services.
    • Ensuring your workstations and servers are managed according to best practices.
    • Ensuring you have appropriate physical security controls in areas containing sensitive information.
    • Ensuring your third party vendors are securing your data and their devices to industry best practices.


Compliance Gap Assessment

Cyber Security Resource is a leading assessment organization for delivering a compliance based gap assessment. Now more than ever organizations need to protect their critical data and understand where they are exposed to unknown compliance gaps which could lead to their data being exposed to the world. A compliance gap assessment can be used to meet many regulatory requirements yet provides a flexible and scalable approach to managing your IT security needs. This assessment provides detailed recommendations to improve the overall security posture as it aligns with the business, protecting critical data and workflows while meeting compliance requirements. *no technical testing performed.


IT Security Risk Assessment

As the leader in conducting HIPAA security assessment, Cyber Security Resource has helped hundreds of covered entities and business associates safeguard PHI while fulfilling their security risk analysis requirements under HIPAA and/or Meaningful Use. Cyber Security Resource’s HIPAA security risk assessment is conducted as per the Security Rule administrative safeguards 45 CFR 164.308(a) (1) and 45 CFR 164.308(a)(8). It also meets EHR Meaningful Use Incentive Program requirements for eligible hospitals and eligible providers. Conducting a NIST Risk Assessment will identify how your organization aligns to the IT General Controls Standards within your business operations while meeting your annual risk analysis requirements. *full vulnerability analysis

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