What Is The Cyber Security Community Membership?

The Cyber Security Resource Community was created to help foster in the next generation of IT Security leaders. These tools and resources are made available to everyone as a path to learning how to design, develop, and implement cyber security programs in any organization. These tools will provide you easy to use resources to streamline your implementation process and wow your clients or boss.


Gain instant access to our online cyber security community and numerous tools and resources you can download and use today in your cyber security initiatives. Our online training will show you how to use the available downloadable tools and resources within your cyber security programs and will assist in keeping security top of mind throughout the business operations helping to create the security minded culture. Our tools and resources are Microsoft Office-based documentation templates that you can edit for your specific needs. If you can use Microsoft Office or OpenOffice, you can use this product!


Ensuring you are establishing the pillars of your cyber security program with information security policies and departmental procedures. Managing risk by implementing a risk management program, managing vulnerabilities by creating secure processes and conducting an annual vulnerability assessment. Ensure you are ready for potential incidents that could occur by defining roles and responsibilities within your Incident Response Program.


Your Community Membership Includes

Downloadable Tools & Resources

Impress Your Clients or Boss!

Use the available tools and resources to wow your clients or boss and streamline the implementation of your security projects while using these resources to create a lasting impact on your security initiatives and their success.

Risk – Vulnerability – Incident Response Guides

Mature processes across multiple Security Pillars!

No matter the security program you are implementing, you will find an ever growing list of helpful tools and resources to assist you in your efforts.

Information Security Program Development Tools

From IT Governance to HR Workflows!

Ensure you have the necessary workflows for proper data governance and management throughout your business. Use these tools to drive efficiencies in your information security program.

Third Party Risk Assessment

Security Questionnaire for IT Due Diligence!

A basic requirement many businesses are facing is how to govern their data sharing relationships. Conducting proper due diligence against these third party relationships is the first step in protecting your data.

Cyber Security Resource provides businesses with exactly what they need to protect themselves – professionally written policies, procedures, standards and guidelines at a very affordable cost. Similar documentation standards can be found in Fortune 500 company that have dedicated IT Security staff. All information security policies and standards are backed up by documented best practices.

Just a Few Of The Available Resources You Will Find Inside

IT Security Governance Roles and Responsibilities Guidelines

​Employee Hiring and Termination Checklist

Company Acceptable Use Policy

​Asset Classification Matrix

​IT Security Incident Reporting Form

​Third Party Security Risk Assessment

Risk Management Program
Vulnerability Management Program
Incident Response Program Guide

Why is There High Demand for IT Security Resources

Lack of In-House Security Experience – Writing security documentation is a skill that many good cybersecurity professionals simple are not proficient at and avoid the task at all cost. Tasking your security analysts and engineers to write comprehensive documentation means you are actively taking them away from protecting and defending your network, which is not a wise use of their time. The ISP is an efficient method to obtain comprehensive NIST CSF based security policies and standards for your organization!


Compliance Requirements – Nearly every organization, regardless of industry, is required to have formally documented security policies and standards. The NIST CSF ISP is designed for smaller organizations and focuses on leading security frameworks to address reasonably expected security requirements. The ISP maps to several leading compliance requirements so you can clearly see what is required!


Audit Failures – Security documentation does not age gracefully like a fine wine. Outdated documentation leads to gaps that expose organizations to audit failures and system compromises. The ISP’s standards provide mapping to leading security frameworks to show you exactly what is required to both stay secure and compliant.


​Vendor Requirements – It is very common for clients and partners to request evidence of a security program, and this includes policies and standards. The ISP provides this evidence!

How Does The Cyber Security Community Help Solve It

Real World Training – The Consultants Network provides industry training for professionals looking to advance their knowledge in the IT Security field. IT Security Consultants conduct security risk assessments, develop security programs, and offer security solutions to their clients.


​Clear Documentation – The ISP provides comprehensive documentation to prove that your security program exists. This equates to a time saving of hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars in staff and consultant expenses!


Time Savings – The ISP can provide your organization with a semi-customized solution that requires minimal resources to fine tune for your organization’s specific needs.


Alignment With Leading Practices – The NIST-based ISP is written to align your organization with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework!

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