Enterprise Risk Management Program Guide

Developing a Risk Management Program is often required by regulations governing your business. It allows you to protect your organization from a multitude of internal and external risks while conducting proper risk mitigation.

Comprehensive Documentation

In this program you will find two fundamental documentation guides for developing your Risk Management Program. 

  • Risk Management Runbook
  • Risk Assessment Process 

The Risk Management Program Runbook assists you in identifying the areas across your organization in which you need to identify, measure, and manage risk. For these identified work streams you will identify the Governance and reporting structure for the program. This will document the roles and responsibilities and who has the authority to accept what levels of risk for the organization. An example of the work streams that may be used are listed below.

  • Third Party Risk Management
  • New Solution Acquisition
  • Remote Site Risk Review

The risk assessment process guide will assist you in defining the processes implemented within your organization for identifying, assessing, and managing risk. This will define the roles and responsabilites for the internal/external processes used as well as document the full process end to end and the requirements it has throughout.